Monday, August 9, 2010

U.S. Open Pacifico Noseriding Invitational

Saturday I ventured down behind the Orange Curtain to check out the U.S. Open. I would describe the U.S. Open as a three ring circus but that doesn't nearly describe the how busy this event really is. More like a ten ring circus but the clown cars are lifted pick-ups plastered with huge decals on the rear windows. In the midst of the chaos and the hype was the Pacifico Nosriding Invitational. The event boasted a lineup that included the who's who of noseriding. I gotta say Tyler Warren was working it! Here are a few photos from Saturday's semi-finals.

Joel Tudor making it look oh so easy.

Tyler Warren liesurely shoots the pier.

Tyler again with five up and streaking.

Herbie Fletcher

Uh, Mr. Hatzikian, this is a noseriding contest! Tyler taking his 10'7" noserider above and beyond.

Cody Simpkins

Alex Knost getting critical.

Alex Knost making the best of the inside section.

Christian Wach

David Nuuhiwa bringing some original classic style and showing the kids how it's done.

Here is some footage of the event.

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