Thursday, May 26, 2011

9'6" Baracuda now available at Wave Front

Just dropped this 9'6" off at Wave Front Surf Shop in Ventura. 
Stop by and have a gander or call the shop for more details.

Wave Front Surf Shop 
154 E Thompson Blvd 
Ventura, CA 93003 


  1. What effect does the tail curvature have on the ride? by curvature, I mean rail to rail (not toe to nose curvature)

    Great looking board.

  2. The tail/deck concave allows water to flow directly over the tail of the board, water moving over the back 1/3 rail and over the tail block helps with nose riding, allowing the water to have a clear path makes it easier to extend noserides, keep the board in the pocket or curl longer while up front hanging 5 or 10.