Friday, August 19, 2011

New Davenport T's are in!

A fresh batch of Davenport T shirts are now available. Get in touch if you're interested...$10 each.
Oh yeah, that's right, there are tank tops too!

We will be selling them at the upcoming Beach Shorts Film Fest. See you there!


  1. Davenport T-shirts are the prefect symbol and expression of an Active Lifestyle...either it be Surfing, hanging out at the Mermaid or the Harbor room on a Wednesday afternoon, pissing in your mom's steam iron, or exposing yourself at a surf movie premier...please don't lend it any of the gear to any 159'ers you picked up at Najas the night'll never get that shit back.

  2. Well I totally typo'ed on that many "On the Rocks" drinks and models brought to you by DAVENPORT!