Wednesday, May 9, 2012

9'4" 4065 at Wave Front Surf Shop


  1. ive said this here before, you probably deleted the comment. your templates (and deck patches) need work . anyone with an eye for boards can see it . surprised tyler hasnt said anything

  2. I am Defiantly not going to delete your lousy comment! I am leaving it to show everyone what a know-it-all you are. OOO my templates are off, my deck patches are not clean, who the hell are you! The world's greatest unknown laminator! I love it how you sit there, anonymously behind a computer and talk talk talk, throw out some BS you heard some guy say at a trade show! You rule man, calling it like it is! what a pro you are ! Hey next time i will hire a studio and a professional to shoot pic's of my boards, then you can really do some big time pontificating. My number is (310)462-8569, tell me! not my customers, have you any class? Also leave my boss out of this, don't you ever mention his name in that kind of context again.