Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Shorts Film Fest

A big thanks to Ambassador of Stoke Barry Hatchett for putting on another great event! It's so great to see how this event has grown over the last six years. Looking forward next year's BSFF already. Here are a couple of pics from last night.

Just a couple of this year's film makers. 

 Winner of this years board was Remy, who was strangely enough also last year's winner. This guy's got some sort of raffle mojo going on. Dude should be buying lottery tickets instead. Either way this guy is building a pretty sweet quiver one raffle ticket at a time.

JoJo Bros and Edfactor...Mr. Factor is clearly stokin' on being so close to greatness. 

My guess is that Ed will be trading in his Hawaiian shirt for a top hat within the year. Also, by 2013 "8=D" will be the new YOLO. Mark my words!

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