Thursday, November 8, 2012

Drop Zone

A big ol' congrats goes out to Davenport rider Eddie Solt, AKA Edfactor, for recently being named Drop Zone editor. The Drop Zone is a monthly local surf mag supplement in the Easy Reader. 

This month's installment marks the first issue with Eddie's involvement. The styling of this month's Drop Zone was inspired by the passing of the late great, Donald Takayama and features a South Bay tribute. There is also a pictorial ode to 22nd Street Hermosa, lost and found Rick Griffin artwork, and a profile on Tyler Surfboards' shoprat Josh Gilberts. Look carefully you may even find a couple Davenports floating about.

Check out the DROP ZONE...

Available in print on the front porches and in news
stands throughout the South Bay or via...

The Easy Reader website

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