Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Edfactor...Lifestyle Brand Business Consultant.

Below  are some recent  observations by team rider Eddie Solt...

I’m not trying to tell anybody how to run a successful “Lifestyle” apparel company, but in my 6 months working advertising for Drop Zone, here’s a few suggestions:

1. Helvetica font on everything.

2. Have a logo that incorporates an X.

3. Or a circle:

               *****Bonus points if you make it look like 3rd grade art.

4. OVER-Saturated  PHOTOS with Expired film that makes everything out-of-focus  for the “grainy,” “vintage” look. My guess with today’s digital technology a person’s quest fo so-called “authenticity” is to resort to what would be considered amatuer photography thirty years ago. Jack Coleman’s making a living off this and good for him.

5. A blog that appropiates images of the past as self identity.

6. Shot of one of the teamriders doing an air, noseriding, fins free turn, etc, on a crowded day at the beach with the appearance that no one on the beach is watching.

7. Stripes on everything. More stripes than a gay sailor bar.

8. Lookbook or blog shot of teamrider in company’s garments hanging out with an audience from a lower socioeconomic level. Obviously, this audience has not had the privilege of surfing and has no idea who this so-called “surf star” is.

9. Describing company’s brand roots in Americana work wear or inspired by the same aesthetic all though no one working a blue-collared job would pay the amount, or buy something supposedly “calhart-esqe” from a surf boutique.

10. Dirty teamriders that follow the “derelict” fashion line prophesized by Mugata 12 years ago in Zoolander.

11. Move to Costa Mesa

12. Have pictures of company events that were showing recent youtube clips (sorry, I mean film projects) and local underground lo-fi band with teamriders and other surf celebrities/artists (more towards the edgy/hippy/hipster image). Pictures of beautiful girls (who are mostly there for the free beer and are underage) are also expected (what attracts the surf star).

13. Have a teamrider become an artist, photographer, or musician. *****Bonus, put on a show of this teamrider’s new found creative side with above elements******

There you go, Edfactor, as a Lifestyle Brand Business Consultant.

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